Meant To Be

High school days are best as they say. There you will find good friends for keeps and you’ll meet your future lifetime partner. And yes, I certainly agree. It’s happening and it already happened to most of us, it actually happened to me.

JP and I were together as best friends since high school. He was not a classmate then but a team mate in our badminton club. I’d like to mention that he was one of the best players back then and up until now. (Yaaas, I’m a proud wifey here.) After class, we usually see each other during trainings. And there the friendship developed. As time passed by, we both knew that we were already in love. We never realized that until we found ourselves feeling something different and special towards each other. But how come we can’t be together? Yes, not yet.

After high school, he transferred in another city for college, so we separate ways. He was offered a varsity program scholarship of a certain university. I told you, he was a very talented athlete. Suddenly, our communication was fading. He had few relationships there, and so was I, but just once; but those were unsuccessful relationships. And then he came back. He transferred to the college I was in. And we were again in the same badminton team. Our team mates would tease us, and we love that. That made our friendship bloom again and developed into something really extraordinary.

Having a best friend in the person of an opposite gender makes you really fall in love with him/her. It truly happened to us no matter how hard we refused to be into it. So in other words, we gave it a try. It happened in God’s perfect time. That was in our senior college when we chose to be together more than the usual best friend thing that we had, not because we just wanted it that way but because we are truly in love with each other; and decided to get married five (5) years after that.

My relationship with this man went through ups and downs, just like any other relationships, that’s why I never really thought that we will end up together. And I think that’s what we call meant-to-be-together.


This was taken during our pre-nup shoot in 2016. Location is inside a badminton court where we usually play. I’ll be posting another blog featuring our prenuptial photos and video. 

Thank you, guys! Stay in love.





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